• CCE 20

Product information "CCE 20"
Detection method:Automatically
ECB proved:Yes
Standard currency:EUR, CZK, CHF, GBP, PLN, SEK
Security features:MT, CS, MG, IR, SD, WM, TH
Display:LED bar (red/green), LCD Display
Update via:SD card
Alarm at suspicious banknotes:Yes
Exit direction real banknotes:Front side, Rear side
Exit direction suspicious banknotes:Front side
Mode:Single value displayed, Total value displayed
Including credit card verification:No
Mobile use:Yes, with optional rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery:Optional available, Lithium-Ion
Dimensions (mm):133 x 114 x 63 mm
Weight:0,45 kg
Warranty:24 Months
Certificates:CE, RoHS
Country of origin:China

CCE 20